Jan 31, 2012 I don't have the ability to do a true dual exhaust conversion on my own for a 2000 3.8 V6. ... Mods: CAI, SCT 4 bank eliminator chip, Performance Shift Kit, ... some of the air flow restriction caused by a single exhaust system.. May 25, 2018 Two tail pipes but single exhaust! Can dual exhaust improve your vehicle's performance? ... will get out of a True Dual Exhaust System, and lots of different mufflers that will also change the exhaust sound of your vehicle.. Apr 14, 2020 You cannot change from single to dual exhaust or vice-versa except under certain circumstances. You can add a dual exhaust if your vehicle's.... Sep 21, 2020 I only had to change the valance from single to dual. The Muffler is a direct fit. Just take off the oem single in single out muffler and put on the dual.. I'm interested in adding dual exhaust to a V6, single exhaust set up. ... No need to change the bumper unless you want to cut outs of the factory.... Aug 3, 2014 Does changing the exhaust from dual to single require a retune? ie: does it change timing headroom? increase boost? alter A/F? Advan RZ. Sep 11, 2015 I have a 69 Barracuda with a 318 and automatic. It was born with a single exhaust pipe. I want to install a dual exhaust system.First question:... 538a28228e

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